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  1. Our hiking is a great exercise for your pup.

  2. If you have a pup that eats your couch, our hiking can tire them out.

  3. Your pup can pee on everything because it’s the outdoors!

  4. Your pup will love just sniffing around in the wilderness.

  5. They will create new pup friends.

  6. Your pup will be a happier pup.

  7. We will always take care of your pup and treat your pup like they are ours.

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  1. Hiking is better because your pup gets to experience new smells and atmospheres.

  2. Hiking will challenge your pup to go the distance with their fitness level.

  3. Hiking will allow your pup to experience the life every pup should.

  4. An average walk doesn’t open up your pup’s eyes to the beauty of nature.

  5. Your pup loves outdoors, and hiking is away from cars and noise.

  6. Furthermore, your pup can just focus on being on this beautiful hike and thanking you for allowing them to go.

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